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Named Awards

Sue Wall Painting Award - (Hair)itage by Crystal Miller

Mary Ann and Jack Katzenmeyer Award for Outstanding Craft
- Marionettes and Friends by Elly Arvizu

David and Ann Deming Award - Tranquility by Adam Goss

Almut and Gary Zvosec Award - Holding On by Grace LaPrade

Karen Skunta & Company Design Excellence Award - Noava Carme by Noah Sample

Trznadel Family Award - Butterfly by Anny Nguyen

The Christopher Gentner Creativity Award  - Awakening by Maya Peroune

The Douglas Dibble Creativity Award - Became One with my Duality by Derek Walker

The Nunes Family Prize - Now What? by Erjon Hajnaj

The Nunes Family Prize - Crown of a Black Woman by Celeste Moore

Ulmer & Berne Award - The Crown of a Black Woman by Celeste Moore

Board Prizes

Grand Prize - Strata (Map of Cleveland) by Alyssa Lizzini

Second Prize - Slaughter by Eliza Karp

Third Prize - Holstein by Celia Pelfrey

Honorable Mention with DistinctionREFUSE by Braydon Cheek

Honorable Mention with DistinctionExplosion by Chase Leidy

Honorable Mention with Distinction - (Hair)itage by Crystal Miller

Honorable Mention with Distinction - Crane by Anny Nguyen

Honorable Mention - Tranquility by Adam Goss

Honorable Mention - Potluck by Meg Lubey

Honorable Mention - Botanical Dancers – Stamp Design by Faith Massey

Honorable Mention - The Gaze of a Black Woman by Celeste Moore

Honorable Mention - For I Will Never Escape Myself (You) by Lucian Mordecai

Honorable Mention - The Equinox by Julia Santoro

Honorable Mention - Blade of Light by Ryan Skedel

Honorable Mention - Became One with My Duality by Derek Walker

A Special Thank You

CIA Staff and Board Members

Cynthia Gascoigne

Howard Groedel

Grafton Nunes

Lynne Shlonsky

Alex Burrage

Michael Butz

Leland James

Tom Kassai

Matt Minnich

Rich Sarian

Matt Smith

Paul Sydorenko

Amani Williams

Nikki Woods

Student Volunteers

Paxton Enstad

Reagan Hintz

Daly Horton

Jordi Rowe

Ross Sheely

Ryan Skedel


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